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MTI Vekst is an investment company with a focus on companies that have customers and a proven business model , but need capital and assistance for faster growth.

We are not a managed fund. All our experienced investors have an active role in the selection and follow-up of each company. Our combined expertise and experience includes many different industries and segments.

See our investment criteria below. These are, of course, not without exception, but give an indication of how we think and what we focus on. Feel free to contact us if you are a potential co-investor with the same mindset/criteria as us.

We have offices in the centre of Oslo, and in the Research Park of the University of Southeast Norway (USN) in Vestfold. Naturally, we often meet businesses headquartered in central Eastern Norway, but anyone who meets our criteria is encouraged to get in touch.

We also have no fixed investment horizon. But we must have a common ambition and goal of exit. We are no bank ...

We work closely with other investment companies, business, academia and other actors who can assist with commercialization and capitalization of businesses.
Our partners can also offer advice as a payable service, including "management for hire". We can therefore help many entrepreneurs and businesses in our portfolio from the idea phase through start-up and growth to exit.

Investment criteria

  • We are looking for dedicated people with considerable experience and ambition to bring the company to the next phase.
  • Clear management, but amenable to input and guidance.
  • Commercial, not too product-oriented.
  • We are primarily looking for companies that have a product or service on the market.
  • Which has customers and cash flow, and a proven business model.
  • But need some capital for further growth. Typically in the order of 2 - 10 MNOK, where we can be one of several investors.
Market and industry
  • We have no special requirements for segment or industry.
  • The company must have a business idea with significant growth potential.
  • Certainly against international markets, but no prerequisite. We also find it very exciting with companies that have a significant market share in local markets and are potential acquisition candidates in the long term.
  • Preferably B2B, B2G, B2B2x. B2C in special cases where we see that the company already has a significant market position.
Product or service
  • The company will show technological solutions with identified advantages in its markets.
  • We need to understand the product, and even be able to communicate what it is.
  • We are looking for companies with a clear value base for customers and the environment.
  • All software regardless of industry is interesting. Especially SAAS.
  • But we are also happy to look at electronics development and production;  For example, sensors, circuit boards, network components m.m. 
  • Certainly solutions within the IoT (Internet of things) and IIot (Industrial Internet of things), artificial intelligence and smart systems.
  • All micro and nanotechnology that can utilize resources at USN; water purification, energy, materials technology, etc.
  • But in general, we are opportunistic as long as it meets our criteria.
  • The business model must be clear and scalable.
  • Certainly subscription models (recurring).
  • We are also looking at the company's ability to build barriers in both existing and future competition. Certainly patent, but no prerequisite. IP can be built in several ways.
  • Milestone investment is desirable. Normally 0.5 – 3 MNOK in first investment.
  • Clear path for further growth and capitalisation.
  • Focus on businesses priced lower than 25 MNOK, but is opportunistic.
  • Co-investor is usually wanted.
  • Board participation and role case-by-case, but normally no prerequisite.


MTI Vekst is an investment community.  All investors participate in selection and assessments of investment opportunities. Decisions are adopted with a two-and-a-three majority of investors.

Edvin Austbø

Alden AS

Investor with portfolio in technology, real estate, retail, and much more. Invests in listed and unlisted businesses.

Sigge Ollendorff

Lucienne AS

Investor with considerable experience and investments in real estate and technology companies, nationally and internationally.

Bjørnar Olsen

BO-BO Invest AS

Authorized financial analyst with 30+ years of experience. Managed investments on behalf of a group of investors and themselves since 1999.

John Helge Fjellheim

Rabakken Invest AS

Investor with very long experience from the electronics industry in Norway. Background from Airthings, Disruptive Technologies, Energy Micro, Chipcon etc.

Richard Urbanski

TTC Invest AS

Investment company with interests in import, real estate, transportation, and technology. Invests in listed and unlisted businesses.

Christian Storm

Bleke Invest AS

Investor with extensive management experience from Norwegian business in economics, finance and telecom, nationally and internationally (especially Asia).

Truls Tvete

Private investor

CEO Polaris Industries. Broad experience and special expertise in chain management and merchandise flow from Norwegian and international retail sectors.

Johan Lindqvist

Windchange AS

Active leader and investor in various e-health businesses. Extensive experience from Scandinavian and international IT businesses.

Roy Gausaker

RG Holding AS

CEO Envo AS. Has taken several IT businesses in retail and communication from the entrepreneurial phase to commercialisation.

Andreas Hojem Olsen

AHO Invest AS

CEO and co-owner of Format Eiendom, advisory engineering company that develops residential and commercial buildings.

Roar Aasvang

Finova AS

Long experience from financing, start-up, operations, further development, management and sales of technology companies. Chairman of the Board of MTI.

Jan Wessel Bratterud

Finova AS, and Ontogeny Corp. Finance AS

Background from the sale and marketing of IT products and services, as well as 15 years of experience from the purchase, sale and upcapitalization of enterprises.  


We offer assistance to business development and financial services through our partners:


Consulting, office space and other assistance to start-ups. USN Bakkenteigen.

Value development

Strategic advice, business development, capital structure, interim management.

Corporate Finance

Change of ownership, MBO, mergers, acquisitions, valuation and financing.



Bridgehill will be a world leader in fire safety. 

Environmental technology. Treatment of wastewater, sludge and organic waste for the production of biochar and bio-oil.

Development of GPS and AR-based games for education.

Patent application instrument for the oil and gas industry.

Advanced, patented medtech sensor for early warning of ischemia. Investment through MTI.

Further development of known Norwegian technology to limit storms from developing into tropical hurricanes.

Patent pending, wireless mask network with long range and support for the essential RF standards.

Wireless braking technology for bicycles, wheelchairs and much more

Develops game concepts based on AI and video analysis

The flexible system for door opening and control of access to the garage.

Energy storage units that offer high power density with very fast charging and discharging.

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